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Althaus Family

Bringing comfort to children

In one moment, entire lives changed. As a result of a medical complication the devoted Shlucha Mrs. Leah Althaus AH returned her soul to its Creator. Her four young children anxiously await the moment when their mother will return. Everyone’s hearts cannot accept the painful tragedy imposed on the young family.

The esteemed Rebbetzin Leah Althaus AH worked together with her husband, Rabbi Zelig ybl”ch in their Shlichus in the city of Dnipro, Ukraine. With grace and dedication, she wholeheartedly devoted herself to the benefit of her Shlichus and illuminated many souls with the light of Torah and Chassidut.

Now, the special light has gone out. Her tender children search and wonder where their mother has gone, yearning for just one more small embrace. It is the right and duty of all of us, the Anash family, to come together and stand by the family, to help in any way possible and ensure a good life for the children. Together, we will provide them with strength to cope and rise again.

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