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Chava Edelman, a beloved wife, mother, and Shlucha in Bayside, Wisconsin, has been diagnosed with a dire medical condition and I am reaching out to help them.

The Edelmans have dedicated their lives to selflessly serving their community, giving guidance, compassion, and unwavering support to everyone they touch. Now, as they face this challenging chapter, I am reaching out to family and friends to help them with essential needs and additional medical expenses.

There is a campaign run by family and fellow shluchim in Wisconsin aiming to raise $144,000 to provide them with financial support for the journey ahead and ensuring they can focus on what matters most – helping Chava through her journey to recovery.

Your contribution, no matter the size, will make an impact on the Edelman family's ability to navigate the challenging time that lies ahead. Please consider sharing your generosity and love.

The following committee will make sure that 100% of your donation will be given to the family and used for their essential needs. Feel free to reach out to them via WhatsApp with any inquiries.

All donations are tax deductible in Australian through Chai.

Rabbi Yossi Bassman - Director, Bader Hillel High - +1 (414) 914-4855

Rabbi Avremi Schapiro - Shliach in Bayside, Wisconsin - +1 (414) 861-4626‬

Shalom Goodman - Founder, Collective Kindness -

Link to campaign in Milwaukee -

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