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For over a decade, HaGal Sheli (My Wave) has empowered at-risk youth and young adults nationwide to overcome life's challenges using surf therapy at over 10 centers across Israel.

Emergency Trauma Intervention Plan for Victims of Terror and Conflict

Post Oct. 7th, we created, “Tools from the Waves," an innovative program designed as an urgent treatment plan for victims of terrorism and conflict. This unique initiative utilizes surfing as a powerful therapeutic tool, complemented by the expertise of a dedicated team of educators, clinical psychologists, and social workers. 

We are currently providing critical care for 1000+ veteransreleased hostagesNova Festival survivors, & and evacuees from most affected communities, north and south. 

Our belief in the efficacy of a combined approach is at the core of this program. By integrating physical release with structured emotional processing, we aim to provide participants with a holistic method for processing trauma. Our goal is to reduce the risk of post-traumatic stress and empower individuals on their journey to healing.

Program Results: Building Long-term Resilience

Boosting Self-Belief & Trust75.4% overcame trauma-induced guilt & worthlessness

Reducing Trauma Symptoms75.7% experienced fewer nightmares, disturbing thoughts, and flashbacks 

Enhancing Social Confidence81.5% decreased avoidance and increased comfort in socializing & exploring

Providing Stability Amidst Uncertain Times

In parallel to addressing the emergency situation and prevailing uncertainty, HaGal Sheli perseveres as a steadfast anchor, fostering stability for Israeli at-risk youth through the operation of its multi-year, multi-step educational program, establishing consistency in the midst of unpredictability.


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