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Kibbutz Alumim: Rehabilitation, Resilience, Renewal

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Dear friends,

Kibbutz Alumim, a Gaza border community, was founded in 1966. During the past 57 years, our kibbutz has thrived — a beautiful home for a flourishing, close-knit, multi-generational, collective, religious, farming community that produces top-quality agricultural produce.

That changed on the morning of Shabbat and Simchat Torah on 7th October, 2023. Dozens of terrorists infiltrated the kibbutz. They attacked and brutally murdered foreign farm workers, they destroyed and burned our agricultural infrastructure and kibbutz buildings.

A ferocious battle ensued, led by the kibbutz “emergency squad”. These 12 members of the kibbutz — our “security first responders” — held out for several hours, and despite sustaining serious wounds, they fought off dozens of terrorists in eight separate attacks - they saved our lives.

At the time of writing, the entire kibbutz community has been evacuated, mainly to hotels in Netanya; our future is uncertain — we face numerous unknowns, and we are experiencing immense upheaval and dislocation.

With your help, we will need to rehabilitate the kibbutz; we need to regain, rebuild and strengthen our resilience; we need to renew and reinvigorate the kibbutz.

We need to make sure that Alumim is a viable, attractive and inviting place for our kibbutz members and our families to return to. We want everyone to see their future back on Alumim. With heartfelt gratitude,

The members of Kibbutz Alumim

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In honour of Rachelli and Matan wedding. In lieu of flowers at the wedding we decied to donate to the rebuilding of Alumim

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Sarit inspiring interview

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