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Urgent Support Needed for Single Mother Awaiting Liver Transplant- Naomi Sarah bas Tziporah

A brave and resilient single mother of two, who is currently facing a critical health challenge. She has been diagnosed with a severe liver illness and is on the priority list for a liver transplant. This life-saving surgery could happen at any moment, as she is on standby for a donor organ.

This situation has placed an enormous strain on her, both emotionally and financially. As a single parent, she juggles the immense responsibilities of raising her children with the limitations imposed by her illness. Her ability to maintain full-time employment has been severely impacted, adding to the financial strain.

To add to her challenges, she is in the midst of moving homes, and the costs associated with relocation, ongoing medical expenses, and day-to-day living are overwhelming. The urgency of her condition means that we need to raise funds as soon as possible to ensure she can focus on her health and her children, rather than the mounting bills.

Please help with 2 critical needs:

´╗┐Financial Distress: To aid with her immediate financial needs, covering moving expenses, outstanding bills, and day-to-day living costs as she manages her health and parenting responsibilities.

Medical Treatment & Surgery: To support the costs associated with her upcoming liver transplant, including pre-surgery preparations, the surgery itself, and the post-surgery recovery and care.

Your support could significantly ease the burden she carries and bring a ray of hope during this incredibly challenging time. Any assistance you can provide will make a substantial difference in her life and the lives of her children.

Your help could be the lifeline she desperately needs.

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