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The Mayanot Benevolent Fund is a charitable organization that provides financial and basic living support for residents of Israel, with a particular focus on Jerusalem’s Nachlaot neighborhood and the surrounding Jerusalem neighborhoods. The Mayanot Benevolent Fund performs community outreach for families struggling to cover basic living costs particularly teachers and young students without any support.

Many teachers, students and alumni of the Mayanot Institute of Jewish Learning, an international dynamic learning program for college students based in Jerusalem, have greatly benefited from the efforts and support of the Mayanot Benevolent Fund.

The assistance provided by the Mayanot Benevolent Fund helps alleviate the financial strain of numerous families, older widows/widowers, students, single parents and others, ensuring food security and enabling them to meet their immediate living needs.

Mayanot benevolent Fund is based in Israel at 28 David Yellin Street Jerusalem. It is building a new commercial kitchen and accommodation rooms at 7 Ben Zvi Boulevard Jerusalem

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