Chai Charitable Foundation

Help support our rehab social center for Nova Tribe survivors, 3,882 attendees of the Nova Community were directly impacted, and 15,000 individuals in the circle of immediate family members and/or those who have lost loved ones.

Our measurable goals are to impact a total of 2,500 individual participants, 75% will attend 25+ sessions annually, and over 132 sessions at the main social hub.  

On 7 October 2023, Simchat Torah, young adults came together to celebrate but found themselves in a war zone, experiencing shock and horror as the terror group Hamas launched a surprise attack on Israel from the Gaza Strip. As part of the onslaught, 364 people were murdered, 40 kidnapped (3 released thus far) and hundreds wounded. This mass killing constituted the largest massacre of Israeli civilians. Sadly, all of our Nova Tribe Festival Members, numbering 3,882 attendees, have endured deep trauma, and all the survivors will carry the atrocities they witnessed with them throughout their lives. The festival, attended mainly by 20–40-year-olds, was put together under the tagline of “friends, love and infinite freedom.”

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