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The Ariel Center

The Ariel Center in memory of Ariel Goldsmith z”l

Dig Deep. Fight Forward.

The Ariel Center was established to commemorate the life of our beloved Ariel Goldsmith z”l - a family man, an outstanding athlete, a musician, a legal advisor, a medic in a special unit who participated in many operations. 

Ariel died in 2020 and left behind a legacy rich in initiatives and kindness, all of which he led with humility and his unique excellence.

The Ariel Center, created in his memory seeks to instill these values and pass them on to young individuals with potential.

In the spirit of Ariel, with a holistic and therapeutic approach, the association will help youth and soldiers suffering from PTSD and struggling with mental health, to find their strength to overcome hardships and to rebuild and rehabilitate in a safe and empowering environment. 

Our ultimate mission is to build a village where we can nurture our generation with resilience and inner strength. 

While we continue to envision and develop the plans for Ariel’s Village, we cannot turn a blind eye to the 30,000 evacuees currently placed in Jerusalem.

We feel that now is the time to act! And therefore we have launched sports, music and arts programming for the kids who have been evacuated from the north and south. 

We will continue to do so, and to develop more activities as long as we are hosting them in Jerusalem, as well as new programs for our soldiers as they return from the war. 

We are partnered with ITC (Israel Trauma Coalition) to ensure the best possible approach and tools to help rebuild and rehabilitate our citizens.

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