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The Feuerstein Institute: Fighting for the Future

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The Feuerstein Institute: Fighting for the Future
About the Feuerstein Institute: 
The Feuerstein Institute's mission is to support individuals with the rehabilitation and educational opportunities that allow them to reach their full potential. We believe that by focusing on people's abilities, we affirm their humanity while empowering them to reach new heights. Our inclusive framework and optimistic philosophy embrace diversity and encourage growth. 

About the project: 
The Feuerstein Institute uses a unique method, with decades of experience in improving functioning and enhancing mental resilience. During the war, we, like all citizens of Israel, are mobilized for our society and for evacuees all over the country. We have adjusted our regular interventions to meet the current needs, aiming to deliver immediate and short-term relief. We provide coping tools and strategies that facilitate a return to routine, empower internal strengths, identify external anchors for building resilience, and foster a sense of agency.

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