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Rabbi Levi Kanevsky, his wife Ilana and their 4 children, have fled the war in Ukraine and have come to Melbourne to seek refuge from the atrocities there. When the rockets were flying above their home and bombs were exploding nearby they grabbed their basics and fled.

For the past 17 years Rabbi Levi Kanevsky together with his wife and family lived in the city of Kamenskoe, not too far from Dnepr.

Rabbi Kanevsky was the Rabbi of the community and was a teacher and mechanech of students. He gave Torah classes to older people and worked as a community sofer. He also founded a Yeshivah offering opportunities to youth to study Torah and schitah and/or learn IT to provide a parnassah (livelihood) and job opportunities for the students.

Ilana worked as a Jewish child care manager and teacher of elementary school children, and organised programs for Jewish women to discover and learn about their Jewish heritage.

She also founded an educational Torah project Chitas, teaching Torah concepts to women in the community in Russian.

Ilana and Levi are parents to 4 children, aged 16, 14, 12 and 6.

They came to Melbourne in June 2022 as part of Souper Kitchen charity’s humanitarian relief activities.

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