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Le’Oro Nelech

Teaching Kindness & Giving as a way of life!
Le’Oro Nelech is an educational center for volunteering that works to strengthen the values of mutual responsibility in Israeli society and promote the Jewish and Zionist spirit of giving as a way of life. We operate in hundreds of state and state religious high schools, as well as special education and ultra-orthodox educational systems.
The Le’Oro Nelech vision aims to spread the values of Hesed and giving by following in the footsteps of our nation’s father, Abraham, who exemplifies the value of Hesed, and applying/manifesting the charitable, just and mutually responsible practices of the Jewish people.
Le’Oro Nelech seeks to strengthen mutual responsibility in Israeli society, to instill the value of giving among our nation’s youth, to nurture their awareness and sensitivity, to advance their personal growth and encourage their social involvement.

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