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The Shahen Metsil Chaim not-for-profit organisation (“a neighbor saving life”) (, is headed by Daniel Birnbaum, former CEO of SodaStream.

It was established with the aim of saving lives by distributing defibrillator resuscitation devices among families in Israel.

Our vision is to create communities of “life saving neighbors” who have a resuscitation device that will be available to the public in case of need.

The project is dedicated to the memory of Yoel (Yuli) who died of a sudden cardiac arrest.

With the current crisis in Israel including daily rocket attacks, there has been a dramatic increase in heart failure incidents and the ability to respond within the first 4 minutes is critical to saving lives. Emergency responders are stretched and now more than ever we need “life saving neighbors”.

Incredibly, every dollar raised is being matched by the Birnbaum family so your tax deductible donation through Chai is multiplied. This is a remarkable opportunity to make a significant and meaningful difference in Israel right now.

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