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Assist our Fellow South Africans : Elderly Couple Trying Desperately to Stay out of South African Public Hospitals

Dear Friends,

The South African public hospital system is in crisis, and as a result in 2020 the SOSA Medical Project was created to address the immense costs of private medical aid for those without the funds. 

An elderly, severely immunocompromised and unemployed Jewish couple(we are keeping their identity private to maintain their dignity) has approached us for assistance.  While already receiving maximum support from several Jewish charities in South Africa they are still desperately short of funds needed to afford medical aid to manage various health conditions.

This is a direct and urgent appeal to the Australian community at large for a minimum of AUD$13,500 in total over the next 12 months via recurring tax deductible donations. (via Chai)

More information relating to this urgent appeal may be obtained from Rabbi Shaun Wingrin, Managing Director of SOSA who can also be contacted directly on or WhatsApp on +27118828322.

This couple needs our help urgently as their health will deteriorate rapidly should they not have funds for medical aid on a monthly basis from 1 February 2023 onward.

We need to act now and do all we can to assist an unwell and unemployed Jewish couple in South Africa.

NOTE: To donate monthly by credit card automatically, email the Chai Foundation with your credit card details and the amount. Email: & Cc 

Yours Sincerely,

Roy Horwitz (On behalf of the family)

SOSA Medical


Whatsapp: +27118828322

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