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Tragedy in NZ

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Tragedy in NZ

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Mrs. Chaya Mushka Shoshani, a young mother from Tzfas, Israel, who along with her husband traveled to New Zealand for the month of Tishrei, passed away after a car accident.

She was the wife of Rabbi Mendy Shoshani, and the daughter of Rabbi Aryeh Leib and Mrs. Teitelbaum, members of the Chabad community in Tzfas, Israel.

While there, the family was in a serious car accident, and Chaya Mushka tragically passed away from her injuries.

She leaves behind her husband, Rabbi Mendy Shoshani, two young daughters, parents, and grieving family members.

The family, her husband, and the Shluchim in the area are working at this time to transport her for burial in Israel.

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