Dear Friends,

As you know, for 13 years Afikim has cared for thousands of children and families at risk by providing loving attention, nutritional meals, educational programming, and much much more.

Unfortunately, NOW we are called upon to save the lives of these families. Many Afikim parents have lost even their menial jobs in the wake of the crisis and now have absolutely no means to provide for their families. There is an actual threat of HUNGER as families have no income. Poor families have now become destitute families.

I am turning to you, our friends and supporters, as we scramble to care for hundreds of Afikim families.

You can save very precious and beloved lives by providing meals.

One week of meals for a family: 180nis

Two weeks of meals for a family: 360nis

One month of meals for a family: 720nis

I am asking for your help. I am asking to save lives…

Donations to Afikim Family Enrichment Association are tax deductible in Australia via the Chai Charitable Foundation .

For more details please contact Jason: +972504049032