40 Years Of Giving – Now It’s Our Turn

For almost 40 years, Russian Jews in the Melbourne community have looked to Rabbi Chaim Elozor Gorelik for support, guidance, and care in every facet of their lives. Now, 18 months after suffering a debilitating stroke, Rabbi Gorelik needs you for a measure of that very same support.

Rabbi Gorelik has profoundly influenced the lives of thousands of Jews and Russian immigrants through his community work; teaching in schools, running a Shule, organizing Brisim, marriages, bereavement counselling and more. The vast number of ways in which he has been able to enhance the quality of Russian Jewish life is extraordinary.

In 2016, Rabbi Gorelik suffered a stroke which left him comatose and paralysed on his right side. At the time, he was unable to perform basic functions that we take for granted every day — such as walking, talking, and eating.

Extensive therapy, however, and his astounding willpower have helped Rabbi Gorelik’s communication and mobility improve remarkably. In the face of adversity, Rabbi Gorelik has shown great determination and it is clear that Rabbi Gorelik has every intention of returning to as much independence as he can.

Until now we have undertaken private fundraising to cover the costs associated with his care and therapy. The costs of Rabbi Gorelik’s rehabilitation — including speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and Feldenkrais therapy — are upwards of $75,000 a year.

The goal of this campaign is $225,000, which will cover a few years of therapy costs. All monies raised are solely for his medical and care needs.

All donations are tax deductible through the Chai Charitable Foundation.