Shalom Gurewicz AH, son Of Chava and Mulik) 57, was a beloved husband, father ,son, brother and friend. His sudden passing from Corona Virus is a massive tragedy that has left his family devastated and completely shattered. Tragically, Chaya Sara is now the widow and mother of 6, with two still living at home. She cannot and should not bare this alone.

As this tragedy occurred a few days before Pesach, and we were in lockdown, the Beth Rivkah community did not have an opportunity to visit or comfort the mourners during the shiva. As old collegians, we should rally behind our beloved ,esteemed principal,Mr Gurewicz and Chava to help support his family now and into the future.

Donations can be made to the address down below and are tax deductible. A receipt will be sent to each person. Any contribution large or small is greatly appreciated.

In view of the fact we don’t have the school data, please share this message with others who would care to support.

Chai Charitable Foundation Ltd
Bank NAB BSB: 083028
A/C: 580178146
Ref: Gurewicz