Rabbi David Keleti is leading the Lativ Foundation in Budapest, Hungary. Helping Hungarian Jewish families.

After a successful visit by Rav Keleti of Budapest before the summer break, with events in both Sydney and Melbourne, Lativ – the organisation Rav Keleti established over a decade ago are running a campaign to raise much needed funds ahead of Purim and Pesach.

$30,000 is needed to cover the expenses of the forthcoming Chagim, which includes rental of large venues and full seudos to enable the Jews in Budapest to participate in the Seder and other Yom Tov meals.

Lativ needs to accommodate the students and families who are eager to be part of these Jewish festivals, under the leadership of Rabbi Keleti, who has proven to not only convey what Judaism/Yiddishkeit is, but give it over like father to son. Rav Keleti and his wife are like mother and father to the many who want to understand more about their heritage.

We urge the Australian communities, who have been so warm in welcoming Rav Keleti and who have been so supportive of his work, to help this campaign. Donations are tax deductible via Chai Foundation and payments can be made online and in instalments all from this web page.