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Your RESPONSE Is What Gives Them the ABILITY to Get Back on Their Feet
Preventing the Next Story

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Mesila is helping families and businesses move forward to financial stability. What
guides our way is responsibility — both the families’ and ours. We are convinced that
responsible financial conduct is the key that will enable them to extricate themselves
from financial complications and even avert them altogether. This is the most
dignified way to help them regain financial independence.
– – –
For more than twenty years, we at Mesila have guided tens of thousands of families
towards financial stability.

Mesila was founded with an understanding of the need for educating people in wise
financial management, education that effectively makes reliance on handouts from
charitable organizations unnecessary.

Every year, the organization deals with thousands of families and saves them from
falling into the abyss — literally.
How do we do it? With our professional coaching and guidance programs, we teach
families how to conduct themselves in accordance with their income and with a
healthy order of priorities. Some families work to enhance their income and cut their
expenses with the guidance of our experts. The coaching is individual, tailored to the
unique challenges facing each family in coping with the financial management of
their household.
Our responsibility, as we see it, is not just helping those who have already fallen, but
preventing the fall before it happens. To accomplish that, we operate a system of
individual family coaches and offer courses in wise financial management for young
couples and chassanim and kallahs, as well as educational programs in schools.
That’s how we are able to avert painful crashes in advance, and also to help those
who have already fallen to get back on their feet. By taking a step forward to help
them move forward.
– –
It is our zechus to give people a meaningful RESPONSE that gives them the
ABILITY to take the first steps to financial stability. It can be your zechus, as well.
Every year we deal with thousands of families, but we are unable to reach every
family that needs us due to a lack of funds.
The consequences of this shortfall are liable to be very painful. Instead of stabilizing
and getting on their feet, these families will keep shuffling around in the cycle of
And that’s a shame. For everyone.
In order to provide a suitable response for every single family, we need you.

On Mesila’s annual “Day of Giving,” you have the chance to do real chessed with
these families. To save them from collapse and humiliation. To partner in getting
them on track.
Thanks to your generosity we will be able to ensure a suitable and dignified
response to everyone who calls us in the coming year.
“Our annual day of giving” is also the day when you can choose the target of your
donations wisely and support an organization that keeps families from needing the
help of countless other organizations for many years to come.
And today, more than ever. With the fluctuating economic situation in the world and
the unceasing price increases, more and more families are close to being pulled into
the poverty cycle or have already joined its ranks. A responsible effort on our part —
and they are back on track.
Your meaningful RESPONSE gives them the ABILITY to get back on their feet.
Support Mesila now. Let’s take responsibility. Together.

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