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Before we sit down to our YomTov table let’s make sure our family, friends and neighbors have what to eat too.

There is a century old minhag to perform Kaparos before Rosh Hashana / Yom Kippur and distribute the proceeds to the needy.

This year, in accordance with DHS the community will not be performing this minhag with chickens. As such almost a hundred families will not receive the meat that they usually get in honour of Yomtov. And this year there is a greater need than ever !

So many people have been affected we could easily distribute twice as much as usual.

Join us in trying to distribute at least 1000 chickens to families for Rosh Hashana.

Please help. Give until it hurts, and then keep giving until it stops hurting ! Let us go to Rosh Hashana confident when we declare that teshuva, tefilla and TZEDAKA will remove the gzeira from upon us.

Please consider donating one chicken per person in your household @ $18 each (a family of 5 = $90)

Or one box for a family @ $180

100 sacks of potatoes $540

If you, or someone you know, could use assistance with the upcoming Yomtov expenses, please contact Rabbi Yoni Fisher at

This program has the support and endorsement of Rabbi B Wurzburger

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