R’ Mendel Plotkin, a husband and father of 9 from the

Habayit shel Benji The Benji Hillman Foundation was established in memory of Major

Keren.YR Help an Almana and children R’L Haifa, Israel. On the

Help the Jewish Refugee Response in Vienna Many Jewish-Ukrainian Refugees have

Giving Group Community The Giving Group Community “GGC” enables major donors

Chabad of Ukraine’s Small Communities (North, Central and Western Ukraine) Donations

The Chai Charitable Foundation

Chai in Hebrew means life not an Indian tea. When you give charity or help others, life is given not only to the recipient but also to the giver.

The Chai Charitable Foundation Ltd (ABN: 82 617 023 293) is a non-profit community charity. In Australia we are a registered tax deductible charity (DGR) with a focus on alleviating poverty, distress, suffering and sickness.

Chai’s main aim is to provide practical financial assistance to low income families & individuals in Australia and overseas. Particularly single, low income families and families with a member suffering from an illness or disability or poverty. We provide low cost food and essentials in Australia.  

We can also provide advice to individuals requiring help in fundraising for a cause which falls within the scope of our mission.

לע”נ תמרה בת פייביש שרגא ע״ה  & ר׳ נתן בן אלעזר אליהו ע״ה