Chai Charitible Foundation supports many causes to alleviate poverty and sickness.

We have partnerships with the following organisations.

Alumim Orphanage – Zhitomir, Ukraine

Alumim has created an expanding network of children’s homes in cities such as Moscow and Zhitomir (both supported by the Keshet fund), Odessa, Donetsk and Dnepropetrovsk, providing a holistic, warm environment where these desperate youngsters can not only heal, but thrive. Here, some will receive their first set of clothes; others will finally see the inside of a classroom.

DirectorRabbi Shlomo Wilhelm
AddressTsurope 100b, Zhitomir, Ukraine 12440

Ohr Chaya

Ohr Chaya is based in Israel and provides meaningful material support to woman and people suffering from disadvantage, poverty & sickness. Ohr Chaya also rehabilitates young women and girls who come from broken homes to become independent young women who can contribute to society

AddressDavid Yellin St 2, Jerusalem, Israel

Chabad Dharamsala, India

Chabad of Dharamsala, India provides shelter and food to foreign residents living in Dharamsala who are suffering from drug addictions or lack of financial resources. It is also involved in rescue missions for long term backpackers involved in accidents or emergencies.