United Herzlia Schools

You can make Jewish childrens dreams come true The aim of United Herzlia Schools is to provide the best possible Judaic, secular and cultural education, to produce pupils who are actively engaged, confident, courageous and resilient global citizens. Based on core Jewish values, we aim to enhance their potential for participation in both Jewish and wider society.

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Hachnosos Kalah – Melbourne Family

Let’s help the families marry off their Children in a Bkovidiker way. PLS SHOW YOUR LOVE AND CARE AT THIS TIME. Donations are tax deductible

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Help a young family

A close friend of mine, an incredible woman, a cancer survivor twice over, with 4 young children has been left penniless. She has recently divorced with her ex husband leaving all their debts in her name, the few assets she had, some cash and a few pieces of silver, were all in her home After […]

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Afikim “Support Segal and Kingsley Families Campaign” 

Afikim – “Support Segal and Kingsley Families Campaign” ABOUT AFIKIM: Afikim is a nonprofit organization that provides programs and services for children at-risk in Israel.

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Hachnasos Kallah AW

Hachnasos Kallah AW

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Kramer family Hachnasas Kalah

My Name Is Shoshana Kramer and I am a mother of 10. It wasn’t easy, but we were able to marry off our first 4 kids. The first three weddings were memorably simchas for all of the right reasons, but the fourth wedding, for my son Avraham, was not. Our photographer took great pictures but even he couldn’t make up for the fact that my Husband wasn’t in even one of them. Because that night, he was having brain surgery to remove a tumor.

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help a melbourne family

help a melbourne family

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Kaporos Chicken for YomTov

Before we sit down to our YomTov table let’s make sure our family, friends and neighbors have what to eat too.

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Chevrah Kadisha South Africa

In South Africa,  nearly 1000 of the most vulnerable, aged and disabled people in our community reside in Chevrah Kadisha facilities. They need our vigilant protection, which comes at an incredibly high cost.

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Shalom Gurewicz Fund

Shalom Gurewicz AH (Yeshivah College Alumni and son of Chava and Mulik), 57, was a beloved husband, father, son, brother and friend. His sudden passing from Coronavirus is a massive tragedy that has left his family devastated and completely shattered. Tragically, Chaya Sara is now the widow and mother of 6, with two still living at home.

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China – Emergency Shluchim Fund

Chabad Houses in Asia – HK, Beijing, Shanghai are at the forefront of helping local communities deal with the impact of the Corona virus

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