Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies is a dynamic and stimulating learning program for students from the ages of 18-29. Situated in the heart of Jerusalem, thousands have come from around the globe to experience Mayanot and gain life-lasting Torah skills and Jewish wisdom. Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies was founded in 1996.

Mayanot’s curriculum is revolutionary, encompassing both the broad intellectual and spiritual dimensions of Jewish learning. Mayanot encourages students to question, challenge, and explore thousands of years of Jewish wisdom and apply it to contemporary society. At Mayanot, students are empowered with the confidence and skills to become leaders in their own right to strengthen the local Jewish community, defend Israel and contribute to the broader society.

The Yeshivah provides food and dormitory services to its students.

The Mayanot Benevolent Fund supports food security and other expenses for people in need throughout Israel. Many Mayanot students are financially independent and are paying their own way for basic living costs. The Mayanot Benevolent Fund assists students who are financially challenged and unable to pay full tuition to cover basic living costs such as food and board.