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Sponsor a Meal Foundation – Saving Jewish lives in Belarus – 24/7

Together, we can fight the hunger of impoverished Jews in the Former Soviet Union. One meal at a time.

The Reality in Belarus:

Belarus is a country which was devastated by an economic crisis in June 2011 when the artificially raised local currency crashed – the banks had no dollars to sell and the exchange rate rose to over 9,000 rubles to the dollar. Now it is over 20,000. Stores were emptied of basic supplies, people were bartering food on the streets, and the banks stopped lending money.

Today this is the unfortunate reality for many of the 60,000 Jews living in Belarus; men, women and children.

As a result of the severe economic crisis in June 2011, Yad Yisroel expanded its soup kitchen that has been operating in Pinsk since 2001. Yad Yisroel established the Sponsor a Meal Foundation to provide meals to the elderly and impoverished Jews throughout Belarus. After the new crisis of January 2018 many more people are asking for help.

The Sponsor a Meal Foundation delivers or funds over 800 meals a day to Jews in Pinsk, Minsk, Rechitza, Gomel, Moghilov, Lida, Orsha, Kalinkovich, Bobruisk and other smaller cities.

This is the only substantial hot meal these people receive each day.

The demand is great and there is a long waiting list. We desperately need more funds.

TOGETHER we MUST join hands to secure their survival.

YOU can make this happen!!

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